Paris Orly Airport WiFi | Does ORY Airport Have Free WiFi?

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Paris Orly Airport(ORY) provides unlimited free Wi-Fi service. You can use your smartphone, laptop, or tablet to connect and use ORY Airport’s free Wi-Fi. Paris Aéroport provides free Wi-Fi at ORY Airport and you have to watch a small ad to enjoy the free Wi-Fi.

The Wi-Fi is operated by Hub One. The free Wi-Fi speed can be 2 Mbps which is suitable for general web browsing, checking your emails, and surfing on social media. Although streaming HD videos could be tricky.

If you want faster high-speed Wi-Fi at ORY Airport then you can purchase premium packages. The Wi-Fi network name at Orly Airport is either “WIFI-AIRPORT” or “WIFI-AIRPORT-STANDARD”.

How To Connect To Free Wi-Fi At Orly Airport

  • From the settings on your device turn on the Wi-Fi option.
  • Connect to the Wi-Fi network named “WIFI-AIRPORT” or “WIFI-AIRPORT-STANDARD”.
  • After connecting to the Wi-Fi a welcome page will open automatically if it does not open then just open your device browser.
  • To enjoy free Wi-Fi service read and agree to the terms and conditions. Note: For premium Wi-Fi just choose a payment method.
  • Congratulations you are now connected to Orly Airport Wi-Fi!

Note: Paris Orly Airport premium Wi-Fi is four times faster than the free Wi-Fi and free from advertising. Also, premium Wi-Fi won’t have an automatic disconnection feature. You have to pay either €2.90 for 20 minutes or €5.90 for one hour. €9.90 for 24 hours. You can use up to five devices if you use premium Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi At Lounges In Orly Airport

You can access the lounges(if you have a lounge membership program, or you can purchase a day pass or pay at the door) located at Paris Orly Airport and enjoy free Wi-Fi. Currently following lounges located inside the ORY Airport terminal area and provide Wi-Fi:

Lounge Name: Premium Traveller Lounge Paris-Orly

Location: Terminal 1 (Inside Security)

Wi-Fi Available: Yes

Lounge Name: Air France Lounge (Boarding Area B)

Location: Terminal 2 (Inside Security)

Wi-Fi Available: Yes

Lounge Name: Air France Lounge

Location: Terminal 3 (Inside Security)

Wi-Fi Available: Yes

Lounge Name: Primeclass Lounge

Location: Terminal 4 (Inside Security)

Wi-Fi Available: Yes

Lounge Name: Royal Air Maroc Zenith Lounge

Location: Terminal 4 (Inside Security)

Wi-Fi Available: Yes

Orly Airport Mobile Charging

Chargebox columns are located at Paris Orly airport in which a group of small lockers are available with charging leads suitable for most mobile phones. You can charge up your smartphone in any of these lockers. Just plug your phone and lock it up take the key and do whatever you want.

These charging columns are completely free to use. You will find them in Terminal 1 and 2 departure levels A, B and C. Terminal 4 departure hall near gates F2, F5, F6, F15, F17, F23 and F26 and Terminal 4 departure hall E near gates E12 and E14.

Paris Orly Airport Overview

Paris Orly Airport is the second busiest international airport that serves Paris France beside Charles de Gaulle Airport. The airport was opened in 1909 and is located just 13 km south of Paris. In terms of domestic traffic Paris Orly airport is the busiest airport in France.

ORY Airport has four passenger terminals whereas Terminals 1 and 2 are connected to each other. Terminal 3 was opened in 2019 and works as a junction building between Terminals 1,2 and 4. Terminal 4 is the biggest terminal among all four and has six floors. Orly Airport has many services for visitors and passengers. The airport provides free Wi-Fi and a premium Wi-Fi facility as well.

Airport NameParis Orly Airport
Airport TypePublic
OwnerGroupe ADP
OperatorParis Aéroport
Total Area15.3 km2
Address94390 Orly, France
ServesParis metropolitan area
Hub ForAir France, EasyJet, TAP Portugal, Vueling & Transavia  
Total TerminalFour terminals
RunwaysThree runways
Wi-FiFree and premium Wi-Fi available


Is There Any Wi-Fi Facility At Paris Orly Airport(ORY)?

Yes, Paris Orly Airport provides Wi-Fi facility.

Is The Paris Orly Airport(ORY) Wi-Fi Facility Free?

Yes, Paris Orly Airport provides free Wi-Fi facility.

In Which Places I can Use Paris Orly Airport(ORY) Wi-Fi?

Paris Orly Airport’s free Wi-Fi service is available in the terminals, gates, and other areas inside the airport.

What Kind Of Devices Are Required To Connect To Paris Orly Airport(ORY) Wi-Fi?

Paris Orly Airport needs devices that are equipped with Wi-Fi-compatible LAN to connect to the free Wi-Fi.

How Long Can I Use Paris Orly Airport(ORY) Free Wi-Fi?

You can use free Wi-Fi at Paris Orly Airport as long as you want to.

What Is The Name Of Free Wi-Fi At Paris Orly Airport(ORY)?

The free Wi-Fi network name at Paris Orly Airport is “WIFI-AIRPORT” or “WIFI-AIRPORT-STANDARD”.

Is There Any Lounge Inside Paris Orly Airport(ORY) Where I Can Use Wi-Fi?

Yes, there are some lounges located inside Paris Orly Airport where you can enjoy Wi-Fi by accessing.