Pegasus Airlines WiFi | Do Pegasus Airlines Have WiFi?

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Pegasus Airlines provides inflight paid Wi-Fi service (you have to use your credit card) on some of their select flights. So, if you want to confirm whether your flight has Wi-Fi, look for the flight amenities section when you book your flight or check the seat map.

Pegasus Airlines provides Wi-Fi service which can be used only to enjoy inflight entertainment. By using the free PC Airlines Wi-Fi service you can enjoy services like watching movies and TV shows, listening to music and podcasts, reading magazines and news, playing video games, check city guides and flight information.

Pegasus Airlines inflight entertainment system is known as Fly and Watch which you can enjoy via your own mobile, tablet, or laptop. Keep in mind you can not enjoy internet-based services like checking emails, watching youtube videos, downloading or uploading heavy files, or surfing on socials while you are PC Airlines flight.

Note: You can purchase the Fly and Watch service by booking or during check-in if your flight package is basic or essential. However, if you are flying advantage and comfort flex packages then Fly and Watch Service will be included on the packages.

Pegasus Airlines Inflight Wi-Fi Costs

Currently, there are three different Wi-Fi plans available on Pegasus Airlines flights and they are for domestic flights (9.99 TL), Cyprus Flights(€1.99) and International flights(€2.99).

How To Connect To Pegasus Airlines Inflight Wi-Fi(Fly and Watch) For Enjoying Entertainment?

  • First, turn your device on airplane mode.
  • Connect to the Pegasus Wi-Fi network.
  • Now visit fun.
  • Use your credit card if you want to access all paid content available on

Pegasus Airlines Overview

Pegasus Airlines is a low-cost Turkish Airline that was founded in 1991. The airline’s headquarter is located in Istanbul. The airline has a total of 95 passenger aircraft in service which are Airbus A320-200, Airbus A320neo, Airbus A321neo & Boeing 737-800. On all Pegasus Airlines flights, a flying cafe is available for all passengers where you can purchase food and beverages separately.

Name Pegasus Airlines
Parent CompanyESAS Holding
Headquarter Pendik, Istanbul
Operating BasesAdana Şakirpaşa Airport, Ankara Esenboğa Airport, Antalya Airport, Ercan International Airport, Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport
Inflight Wi-FiAvailable for only enjoying inflight entertainment
Inflight EntertainmentAvailable which includes tv shows, movies, games, music and podcasts, kids element and more
Passenger Destinations120+
Operating Aircraft95
Frequent-flyer ProgramPegasus BolBol


Does Pegasus Airlines(PC) Provide Inflight Wi-Fi?

Yes, Pegasus Airlines provides Inflight Wi-Fi service.

Is The Pegasus Airlines(PC) Wi-Fi Service Free?

Pegasus Airlines Wi-Fi service is paid which you can only use to enjoy inflight entertainment.

What Is Fly & Watch?

Fly & Watch is an inflight entertainment service available on all Pegasus Airlines flights that you can access by using the paid inflight Wi-Fi via your mobile devices, tablet and laptop.

What Are The Prices Of Pegasus Airlines Inflight Wi-Fi?

Pegasus Airlines Inflight Wi-Fi costs 9.99 TL for domestic flights, €1.99 for Cyprus Flights and €2.99 for international flights.

Can I Use Pegasus Airlines Inflight Wi-Fi For Web-Based Tasks?

No, you can not use Pegasus Airlines’ inflight Wi-Fi for web-based tasks as it is only suitable for enjoying inflight entertainment like watching movies and Tv shows, listening to music and podcasts, playing games and kid’s content.

Do Pegasus Planes Have USB Ports To Charge Mobile Phones?

No, Pegasus planes do not have USB ports to charge mobile phones.

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