Six Things You Should Know Before Flying For The First Time

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If you are planning to fly on an airplane for the first time in your life, then sooner or later you will be hit by the question “What Should I Need To Know Before Flying For The First Time”.

This can be a life-changing adventure for you that can not be explained in a few lines. It can be stressful for you when you head to the airport gate if you don’t know the cost of checking bags, and what you will experience when you get through the security of the airport.

That’s why we have reviewed some effective and helpful tips for you before the takeoff which will boost your confidence level and ultimately make your first trip by airplane will be enjoyable.

Passengers At The Airport

Six Most Important Things You Should Know Before Your First Flight!

If you have a proper idea about airport procedures and the airline you are gonna fly with, it will be easier for you. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic airports and airlines, both have changed most of their rules and regulations. That’s why you should be fully aware of your flight. Follow the restrictions of airports and airlines and get your special documents ready before your flight so that you can show them to the respective airport or airline authority.

1. Check Everything Online First:

Some airlines provide online checking facilities for their travelers. You can easily check your flight information and print off it from the airline’s mobile app or website.

However, not all airlines provide an online checking facility. So, in this type of case, you will not check in at the airport.

2. Arrive At The Airport At Least Two Hours Early:

As traveling via airplane has a much longer procedure than traveling via a bus or train, you should reach your destination two hours before the take-off if you are gonna fly a domestic route and three hours before if you are gonna fly an international route. This procedure is recommended by the Transportation Security Administration(TSA).

You will need enough time as you have to get your boarding pass, check your bags and go through airport security before your plane take off. This whole process can take ten minutes to a long time depending on the travel time.

Also, keep in mind that most airlines start boarding passengers at least thirty minutes before the takeoff. You can get your boarding time on your printed ticket.

3. Pack Your Essentials:

Before your flight pack your essential carry-on items like prescriptions, medicine, glasses, important documents, clothes etc. This will ensure you won’t be without these necessary things when you need them. You can also take your flight entertainment materials like laptops, headphones, magazines etc. Don’t forget to follow the carry-on packing rules provided by the TSA.

4. Weighing Your Baggage At Home:

This is an important part if you are planning to fly for the first time to an international destination. If your baggage weighs more than the recommended by the airport then the airport authority will charge you a nasty amount of fee that can be awful for you to pay.

So, if you don’t want to give an extra amount to the airport for your baggage fee then check your baggage weight at home and make sure it weighs within the recommended weight range.

Keep in mind that you can get luggage size, weight limit, and fee information by visiting the airline’s website. Although baggage restrictions and fees are varied by the airline the standard fare of most airlines are as follows:

  • Two carry-on items can be carried for free which include a small rolling carry-on size suitcase & small personal items like a backpack or purse.
  • One checked suitcase weighing under 50 pounds can cost $25 to $30.

Note: You can add a colored ribbon or belt around your baggage which will be helpful for you to reclaim the baggage during the checkpoints.

5. Wear Comfortable Clothes And Shoes:

Literary you will have no basic idea of what it will be like to you when you fly first time on a plane. The situation can be uncomfortable and the experience of first-time flying can bring you anxiety.

Many other things can happen like your dress can be uncomfortable if you don’t get enough room to stretch your body parts. and your leg can feel the pain if your shoes are not easy to remove.

As you will seat on your flight for hours so try to wear clothes that are comfortable for you and easily stretchable to move your body parts and nice to your skin. Try to wear shoes that easily slip on and off.

6. Try To Bring Your Own Food:

If you like homemade food then you better bring your own food as a backup before the flight. So, in case you do not feel comfortable when eating the food provided by the airline authority, you can eat those backup foods.

This option will also benefit you if you like a special meal-type and your airline does not provide that meal type.

Note that due to the Covid-19 pandemic many airlines have stopped providing inflight food and drinkings facility to limit contact with the passengers.

Other Important Things You Can Do Are:

If you feel nervous about your first flight then you can consult your doctor before the flight.

  • If you need to exchange currency then do it before your flight as exchange companies located at the airport usually provide lower exchange rates.
  • You can buy your travel insurance if you are planning to fly longer distances.
  • If you need to use the toilet regularly then you can choose your seat beside the aisle. However, if you are sleeping prone and do not want to get bothered by someone during the flights then choose a seat beside the window. For better sleeping, you can bring accessories like a travel pillow, sleeping mask, blanket, earplugs etc.
  • To combat high altitude and low humidity in the cabin area try to drink lots of water which will help you stay hydrated and protect you from dizziness and headaches.

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