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Air Austral is an international airline in the French region  Réunion that was founded in 1974. It uses Roland Garros Airport as its main hub. The airline operates services to  South Africa, France, Thailand, India & other destinations in the Indian Ocean.

This airline is also a member of Vanilla Alliance. It has a total of 12 passenger aircraft in service as of now. These are Airbus and Boeing aircraft only. Air Austral provides some high-quality services on board.

Also, they provide inflight WiFi service for their passengers. In the below some necessary information about Air Austral has given.

  • Name of Airlines: Air Austral
  • IATA Code: UU
  • ICAO Code: REU
  • Callsign: REUNION
  • Founded: 1974
  • Main hub: Roland Garros Airport(RUN)
  • Alliance: Vanilla Alliance
  • Focus cities: Dzaoudzi–Pamandzi International Airport(DZA)
  • WiFi: Paid Wi-Fi available on board.
  • Website:

Air Austral Inflight WiFi Packages & Costs

Air Austral provides high-quality paid inflight Wi-Fi service for its passengers throughout the flights. You can send and receive emails, web browse, surf social media etc. You can use any of your Wi-Fi-enabled devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops etc to connect to Air Austral inflight WiFi service.

When your flight reaches above the altitude of 10000 feet, you can start enjoying the wifi service. Air Austral crew members will announce the time of using the inflight WiFi. You can purchase the WiFi service on board by using your credit card, Visa, AMEX, MAS- tercard etc. The WiFi Service of Air Austral is only available on the latest 777-300 aircraft.

Wi-Fi Minute Pass10 MB5Contacting with family and friends via messaging apps
Easy Wi-Fi Pass50 MB19Suitable for tasks
Full Wi-Fi Pass200 MB39Web browsing, sharing images with others, light video streaming.

For more information about the WiFi visit the Air Austral website:

Air Austral

How To Connect To Air Austral Inflight WiFi?

  • First turn on your device to airplane mode and turn on Wi-Fi.
  • Wait for the instructions from the cabin crew about the Wi-Fi availability.
  • A few moments later the instructions and service portal page of Air Austral will be opened on your device browser screen.
  • From the service portal page you can purchase any of your desired WiFi data plans.
  • Congrats! You are now connected to use the Air Austral inflight WiFi service.

Inflight Entertainment

At Air Austral on board, you can enjoy various entertainment facilities on individual screens. There are more than fifty video programs, one hundred audio programs and up to thirteen games available.

Air Austral Boeing 777-300ER aircraft has 3D screens in all the classes. For knowing detailed information about Air Austral inflight entertainment facility visit this page.


Does Air Austral provide Inflight Wi-Fi?

Yes, Air Austral provides WiFi service on board.

Do All Air Austral Aircraft Have Inflight WiFi?

No, currently not all of their aircraft have inflight wifi services.

Can I Use Multiple Devices To Connect Air Austral Inflight WiFi?

Yes, you can. But only one device can be connected to Air Austral WiFi facility at a time. You can use devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets etc.

When Can I Be Connected To Air Austral Inflight WiFi?

When your flight reaches 10000 feet altitude, the cabin crew will announce the Wi-Fi availability.

What Should I Do If I Need To Contact With Air Austral Customer Support About The WiFi Related Problem?

You Can try calling 011 33 825 01 30 12 if you face any problem related to WiFi service. Also, you can let the cabin crew know about your problem.

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